A new way to move around Corda Campus

Download the Corda Mobility app from your favourite App Store


Rent e-scooters, e-bikes & e-cars

Rent one of the electric vehicles on the campus that is best suited for your commute. You have different options: e-scooters for commute with the campus, e-bikes for a you to go outside the campus, e-cars for your business meetings!

Corda Mobility App

One platform for all the mobility solutions within the Corda Campus. Buy mobility packs according to your needs, check your ride history, manage your payment methods, see a summary of your payments and manage your personal account.

See the Vehicles around you

See all available mobility options around you in a beautifully rendered map. The Geofence indicates the Business area. Tap on the icons to see the battery, miles remaining, and distance of the vehicle.

On-Site Support

Quick help from the onsite team if you have any trouble using our services. Drop us a message on our support mail, and we will reach out to you at the earliest

Mobility Packs

If you are a frequent Corda Mobility user, save by purchasing a mobility pack that is best suited for your commuting needs. No hurry to use the minutes, as the packs do not expire.

Easy to use!

Download the Corda Mobility app today and explore the different mobility options available.

Download the App

Corda Mobility app is now available on your favourite app stores

Create an Account

Create an account using your e-mail id and a secure password.


Add a payment method, using the different payment options available on the app

Vehicle Options

Choose from a range of vehicles around you from the map

Scan to Unlock

Scan the QR Code that is on the Vehicle to unlock and Start your ride


Ride Safe and End your ride in designated parking areas within the geofence

Mobility Options

Coming by Train? Walk 200 meters to the entrance of the Campus and pick one of the e-scooters to get to your office quick. Coming by Car? Park your car in one of the designated parking places in the campus and take one of the e-scooters that are around.

What are you waiting for? Download today!